April is Poetry Month

The Port Tobacco Times and Charles County Advertiser was the local paper in the 1800’s.  News from abroad were popular along with politics, short stories, riddles, jokes, and poetry.  In celebration of Poetry Month we’ll reprint a few of the original poems written by readers of the Times. This poem by an unknown female author was printed on November 6, 1845.

The hopes to which I fondest cling
Are those which from remembrances spring,
That I one more may see that face
Where memory loves the charms to trace.

The flowery paths of life to me
Are dull and cheerless without thee;
And if I chance to cull a flower
My lonely heart hath not the power.

My happiest hours are spent alone,
Since from my bosom thou hast gone.
‘Tis then I dwell upon the past,
Which was too heavenly to last.

In all things beautiful I see
Some sweet resemblance, love, to thee:
The brilliant sun thy mind portrays
In shedding forth thy cheering rays.

Thou wert my sun to guide by day
Each step I trod o’er life’s dark way.
How lonely then would be my lot
If thou by me couldst be forgot.


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